About Us

About Us

Felicia was born and raised in Massachusetts (Near Boston) and now currently resides in sunny Tampa, Florida. She is currently engaged & has a beautiful baby boy Jayden who is almost 2 years old and full of energy. What inspired her to start couponing was realizing her hobby of shopping could save her family hundreds upon hundreds of dollars by simply clipping a coupon. Clipping coupons then turned into a fulltime hobby, which entail brought on this blog with her best friend Samantha. Not only is it saving her family money but she helps the community by donating a lot of the products that she gets for practically free to those who are less fortunate. She hopes that one day she can pass these tips & tricks to her child, so he can learn to save money for his family. With all the savings from coupons she has went on a vacation, fully paid for by the savings. Her goal for the next few years is to travel the world ( especially Italy), and with coupons it is possible.

We created this site because we love to share our passion. We are 24 & 25 year olds who have figured out a way to save 60-90% off each and every shopping trip. We graduated from Johnson & Wales University in May of 2008, and have been best friends since. Sam lives in Richmond, VA, and Felicia lives in Tampa, FL. We will be updating you with information in both areas as well as national stores. Enjoy our blog!


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