How to Calcuate your Savings

We hear this all the time, why do you cut coupons and what’s the point. For me it’s not just about getting the next best deal it’s for not having to buy that product for the next 6 months or more.

I found this calculator online that I use to calculate my savings:

Here’s The Formula To Find Your Coupon Savings Percentage:

Saved ÷ Value = % Savings

Here’s how to do it.

SAVED> To calculate this number just look on your receipt! Most receipts these days have a line somewhere on the bottom that reads something like ” Your Total Savings” or ” Today You Saved” this is the number I call the “SAVED” number.
VALUE>To calculate this number you add the Total you paid + The “saved” number (from above). This “VALUE” is the actual value of all the items you purchased.
% SAVINGS> To calculate this number, just divide the SAVED amt by the VALUE amt, and that will give you your % SAVINGS

Thanks Coupon Shopping with Treasure


About coupondivasvatb

We are avaid couponers who take what use to be clipping one coupon a week into a full lifestyle.

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