Exciting News about Bj’s Read, Read, Read!!!!!!

1)They accept BJ’s store coupons AND Manufacturer coupons on the same item. Yes you can stack them for extra savings.
BJ’s mails out their own coupons to members, but you can also find some at the entrance to the store AND print some online at Bj’s.com (membership information required to access)

2)You can use multiple manufacturer coupons on the same item! Let me explain. I needed Condensed milk for some of my baking needs. They have an 4 can package for $6.79. Now the coupon I have is for $.55 off of 1 can. I assumed that I could only use 1 coupon, since it was considered 1 package. HERE IS THE EXCITING PART! I was able to use 4 coupons on this 4 pack of cans. The way it was explained to me is that if the item can be opened, in this case the set of 4 cans, and placed on a regular store shelf to sell, then you can use multiple coupons on it. So for example if you buy a 3 pack of toothpaste and they are individually wrapped, you can use 3 manufacturer coupons! So I got $2.20 off this 4 pack instead of only $.55. Does this make sense?

3)You can bring in Friends and Family members to shop with you as long as you have your membership card. And they will be able to pay for their purchases with their own funds (no checks). Unlike other Warehouse clubs, where you would have to use your credit or debit card for their purchase.

Here is the breakdown:

4 Boxes of Cinnamon Toast Crunch (2 lbs boxes) $5.89 each
– 2 $5.00/2 BJ’s Store coupon (found in front of store)
– 2 $1.00/2 MFR Coupons
= $11.56 or $2.89 per box

Solo Plastic Cups (136 pieces) $7.99
– $5.00 off BJ’s Store Coupon (found in front of store)
= $2.99

Solo 10″ Divided Grip plates (50 pieces) $7.99
– $5.00 off BJ’s Store Coupon (found in front of store)
= $2.99

2 Cases Evaporated Milk (16 cans total) $7.79 per case
– 8 $.50/2 MFR Coupons
= $ 11.58 or $.72 per can

2 Cases of Eagle Condensed Milk (8 cans total) $6.79 per case
– 8 $.55/1 MFR Coupons
= $9.18 or $1.14 each

Pillsbury pie crust (2 pack = 4 crusts) $4.39
Pillsbury Sugar Cookies (5 lb container) $7.99
– $4.00/2 BJ’s Store Coupon (found in front of store)
– $1/2 Pillsbury pie crust MFR coupon
= $7.28

2 Gallons of Milk $2.49

Total in Groceries: $86.48
Savings: $35.40
– $25 Gift Card
OOP: $21.08


About coupondivasvatb

We are avaid couponers who take what use to be clipping one coupon a week into a full lifestyle.

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