Organizing your coupons

Here is a few tips on how to organize your coupons. You really need to find what fits you and your lifestyle.
1) Organize by envelopes. Make an evelope for each category you are going to put your coupons in ( Canned product, produce, meat, baby supplies etc). The downside to this method is it’s not really stable and is only good for small shopping trips.

2) Organize by filing system. This system I found it works the best for me and my lifestyle right now. What I do is i have a big filing box that I have individual hanging folders with the inserts in each folder and I label each folder by date for example ( smart source 5/26, I would label is ss 5/26) and refer back to it when deals come out. The only downside to this method is not having every single coupon with you when you go out and hit the clearance.Now since I am using this method, what I take with me is this little mini coupon book that I put one of the baseball card holders in which works great for me!

3) Organize by binder. A lot of couponers use this big binder method. All they do is take a three-ring folder and put baseball card holders in it and organize each section by each section in the store or each group section. Such as Meat, Produce, etc. The downside to this method is, it is time-consuming.

There are many more methods out there, But these are the most popular. One word of advice, if you choose any of these methods please always bring a copy of the store’s coupon policy. You never know when you will need it!


About coupondivasvatb

We are avaid couponers who take what use to be clipping one coupon a week into a full lifestyle.

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