Stockpiling 101

The secret to stockpiling is learning what you would pay at the lowest price. Now it varies from person to person from state to state. Sam lives in VA so she is able to double coupons. I am not able to double coupons (Florida is the land of BOGO) so her deals are sometimes better than mine. Here in florida we have more of the BOGO deals, which Sam tells me is better ( I still don’t see it, lol) You have to sit down and decide what is the lowest price you would pay for something and then at that point you should buy as much of that product to get you through a new cycle. Speaking of cycles I should explain that coupons run in cycles to go either with the seasons/holidays etc. Right now the cycle is back to school, so you will find a lot of coupons for snacks, supplies, things of that nature.

In terms of buying as much product as you can, I mean if you know you want 50 bottles of body wash contact the store and preorder the product, please don’t clear the shelves. Here is an example of my rock bottom prices & product.

Toothpaste (.25)
Bodywash (1.00)
Dental Floss (Free)
Hair ties (Free)

etc etc. My toothpaste for example is .25, meaning I would never spend more than .25 per tube of toothpaste. Once you get the hang of couponing you will learn you never pay for toothpaste or at the max would only pay .25 per bottle. At that point you should stockpile.

Here is an example of a January Cycle:
New Years Resolutions!

Diet foods and products
New Year, New You type promotions
Healthy Choice
South Beach
Lean Cuisine
100 calorie packs
Special K, K20, Right Bites, Smart Start
Diet aids

Winter Health

Cold Medicines
Pain Relief
Health products

Oatmeal (it’s National Oatmeal Month!)

Quaker brand products

Super Bowl party foods

sandwich items

Special promotions introducing new product lines, especially

Hair color
Make up
Beauty products
Bath products

Clearance items:

Calendars, planners, anything dated items (these go “out of date” quickly after 1/1)
Christmas/Hanukkah/New Years party supplies
Wrapping paper, ribbons, bows
Winter clothing, coats, gloves, hats, boots, etc.
Home Gym equipment and gear

Seasonal Sales:

Soup, Chili, “warm you up” type foods
Cleaners/household items (winter cleaning, organization, storage)
White sales/home items

January 1 – New Year’s Day
January 1 – 7 is National Lose Weight/Feel Great Week
Martin Luther King Jr. holiday
Super Bowl Sunday

Happy couponing and leave us some comments!


About coupondivasvatb

We are avaid couponers who take what use to be clipping one coupon a week into a full lifestyle.

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